Before You Rent That House! Read This

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This is especially for my brothers and sisters in the everyday hustle… Lagos as a case study!….After gathering money for months and you finally decide that you want to rent another apartment and upgrade your status, which is of course a very good thing! Please put this into consideration!


This is an advice from my few months experience staying in Lagos and meeting with clients… Now enough of much talk! Please. When you get that dream house of yours, I know the compound is cool, the rooms are big, and the neighbour’s daughter is very pretty! But NEVER FAIL TO ASK FOR THE NEPA BILL/PREPAID RECEIPT OF THE HOUSE.

This is my point… I’ve seen many people rent a house after which they receive their bills for the next month and see an arrears of hundred’s of thousands… some even more than the money used in renting the house! Trust me… NEPA bills are attached to properties and not individuals hence a former tenant can accrue debts and move out of the apartment while you innocently go and rent it. The agents/Landlord will not show you the bill… You have to insist on seeing it.. else the bills will be on you as the new tenant and you will be held liable by NEPA… Afterall you are the owner at the point of collection .

This also applies to prepaid users. You may feel its prepaid meter… Some of those meters have accrued arrears. This is how it works. When a bill owes so much, and a prepaid meter is bought or given to the premises, The debts from the bill is factored into the prepaid meter and scheduled to be paid within a specific period of time, e.g. Benson owes 200k before he got a prepaid meter, NEPA (the distribution companies) wants to assist Benson since he can’t clear it once.

They factor the money into his meter say for 20months… That means Benson will be paying 10k as debt every month aside his normal recharge for the month!

So Benson moves out and you move in to meet a prepaid meter which makes you happy, only to recharge and discover you have a debt of 10k which you are to pay every month for a long time!!!

This you should put into consideration cos I have seen so many people in debt not incurred by them. Have a lovely week.

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